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Representative Publications (in chronological order)

Here are some representative publications.

In this link you can see an extended list of my publications

Sacristán AI, Rahaman J, Srinivas S and Rojano T
Technology Integration for Mathematics Education in Developing Countries, with focus on India and Mexico
Allison Clark-Wilson, Ana Donevska-Todorova, Eleonora Faggiano, Jana Trgalová and Hans Georg Weingand (Eds.) Mathematics Education the digital Age. Learning, Practice and Theory. Routledge
Donevska-Todorova A, Trgalová J, Schreiber C and Rojano T
Quality of Task-Design in Technology Enhanced Resources for Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Allison Clark-Wilson, Ana Donevska-Todorova, Eleonora Faggiano, Jana Trgalová and Hans Georg Weingand (Eds.) Mathematics Education the digital Age. Learning, Practice and Theory. Routledge
Palmas, S., Rojano, T., Sutherland, R.
Digital technologies as a means of accessing powerful mathematical ideas. A study of adults with low schooling in Mexico.
Teaching Mathematics and its Applications. Oxford University Press.doi:10.1093/teamat/hraa004, p 1-24
Rojano, T., García-Campos, M.
Teaching Mathematics with intelligent support in natural language. Tertiary education students working with parametrized modelling activities.
Teaching Mathematics and its Applications. Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/teamat/hrw009. p 1-13.
Rojano, T.
Students’ Access to Mathematics Learning in the Middle and Junior Secondary Schools.
Lyn D. English y David Kishner (Eds.) Handbook of International Research in Mathematics Education. 3rd Edition. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. ISBN: 9780415832045 (ppb)
Rojano, T., Filloy, E., Puig, L.
Intertextuality and sense production in the learning of algebraic methods.
Educational Studies in Mathematics 87 (3), pp 389- 407.
Rojano, T.
Las Tecnologías Digitales en la Enseñanza de las Matemáticas.
México D.F.: Trillas.
Rojano, T., Abreu, J.L.
Dialogues with Prometheus: Intelligent support for the teaching of mathematics.
C. Kynigos, J. Clayson ; N. Yiannoutsou (Eds.) Constructionism: Theory, practice and impact. Proceedings of the 2012 - Constructionism Conference. Athens, Greece: University of Athens (544 -548).
Filloy, E., Rojano, T., Solares, A.
Problems dealing with unknown quantities and different levels of representing the unknown.
Journal of Research in Mathematics Education (JRME) 41(1), 55-80
Sacristán AI, Calder N, Rojano T, Santos M, Friedlander A, Meissner T, Tabach M, Moreno L, Perrusquía E
The Influence and Shaping of Digital Technologies on the Learning – and Learning Trajectories – of Mathematical Concepts
C. Hoyles y J.B. Lagrange (Eds.) Mathematics Education and Technology-Rethinking the Terrain.The 17th ICMI Study. Chapter 9, pp. 179-226. NY, Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London: Springer
Filloy E, Rojano T, Puig L
Educational Algebra. A Theoretical and Empirical Approach
Berlin, Heidelberg, N.Y. : Springer. ISBN 978-0387-71253-6
Filloy, E., Puig, L., Rojano, T.
El estudio teórico local del desarrollo de competencias algebraicas.
Enseñanza de las Ciencias, 4(5):327-342.
Rojano T
Enseñanza de la Física y las Matemáticas con Tecnología: Modelos de transformación de las prácticas y la interacción social en el aula
Co-ed. Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI) - Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), México. ISBN 970-790-885-8
Rojano, T
Local Theoretical Models in Algebra Learning: A Meeting Point in Mathematics Education
Psychology of Mathematics Education – North American Chapter, Toronto, 1, 37-56.
Puig L, Rojano T
The History of Algebra in Mathematics Education
In Stacey, Chik y Kendal (Eds.) The Future of the Teaching and Learning of Algebra, pp. 189-224. Boston/Dordrecht/NY/London: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Rojano T
Algebraic Reasoning with Spreadsheets
Proceedings of the International Seminar Reasoning explanation and proof in school mathematics and their plaice in the intended curriculum. Qualificactions and Curriculum Authority. Cambridge, UK, pp. 3-19
Rojano T.
The potential of Spreadsheets in the Learning of Algebra
The International Journal of Education Policy Research and Practice, USA.3(2), 91-106
Sutherland, R., Rojano, T., Bell, A, & Lins, R.
Perspectives on School Algebra.
Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Rojano T, Molyneux S, Sutherland R, Ursini S.
Mathematical Modelling: the Interaction of Culture and Practice
Educational Studies in Mathematics. Special Issue Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Context, P. Boero, (Ed.) 39: 167-183
Rojano, T.
Developing algebraic aspects of problem solving within a spreadsheet environment.
N. Bednardz, Kieran, C; Lee, L (Eds.) Approaches to Algebra, 137-145. Dordrecht: Springer.
Rojano, T.
The role of problems and problem solving in the history of algebra.
N. Bednardz, Kieran, C; Lee, L (Eds.) Approaches to Algebra, 55-62. Dordrecht: Springer.
Sutherland R, Rojano T.
A Spreadsheet Approach to Solving Algebra Problems
The Journal of Mathematical Behavior. (12) 351-383
Filloy E, Rojano T.
Solving Equations: The transition from Arithmetic to Algebra
For the Learning of Mathematics. 9(2):19-25
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